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What to Expect While on the HCG Diet

HCG Weight lossThe HCG diet is a well documented weight loss diet for women and men over the age of 18. First developed in 1950 by Dr. Simeons, this diet has helped millions of people achieve their weight loss goals and has transformed the bodies and lives of people all over the globe.

Is the HCG Diet Meant for Anybody and Everybody?

The HCG diet is a safe weight loss diet that can be undertaken by everybody. The best thing about the HCG diet is that one need not be obese in order to start an HCG diet. The diet will work even if one wants to merely lose a few kilos from a certain area of the body. The only restriction is that one should have a BMI that is over 20 in order to undergo the HCG diet. In addition, it is always advisable to consult a physician before going on any kind of weight loss diet or exercise program. This is especially mandatory if you are aware of some health problems that you already have which might product adverse effects because of the diet.

How to Maximise Weight Loss While on the HCG Diet?

While the HCG diet is already a good weight loss diet, you can maximise your results by following the tips given below.

Hidden sugar is the ultimate curse for people looking to lose weight. Many condiments contain hidden sugar, in various forms, such as glucose. In order to avoid weight gain from sugar, one should always check for hidden sugar in products by reading the nutritional information printed at the back of packets.

Fat burners are very useful in reducing the amount of fat in your body. By complementing your diet with grapefruit, which is a fat burner, you can easily lose more fat. Green tea and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar are also helpful in weight loss.

While red meat is allowed on the HCG diet, it is better to avoid it as much as possible. In place of red meat such as fatty beef, go for chicken and seafood.

Do not mix your vegetables, as certain combinations can be dangerous for your HCG diet. In addition, your two fruit portions should contain only one apple to maximise weight loss.

What Can I Expect from an HCG Diet?

Since every individual’s body composition is different, they will also respond differently to the HCG weight loss diet. This is made all the more unpredictable as the HCG is not only a calorie controlled diet, but also a hormonal diet. The effects of the hormones are bound to vary from person to person. However, on an average, the following results can be expected by following the HCG diet.

An HCG diet program for 30 days will help men shed from 20 to 40lbs and women can expect from 15 to 30lbs weight loss. A 45 day program, on the other hand, sheds 35 to 55lbs in men and 25 to 45lbs in women. The rigorous 60 day HCG diet will promote a weight loss of 40 to 80lbs in men and 30 to 60lbs in women.

By nature, the individual following the HCG diet needs to follow it strictly to achieve results. Maximum weight loss can be gained only on complete abidance with the rules. The restricted foods and allowed foods are clearly stated in the guidelines when you start following the HCG diet. It is necessary that you do not eat any inappropriate food and cheat yourself while on the HCG diet. You are the only one who will stand to lose if you cheat while on the diet.

You can expect a weight loss of anything between 0.5lbs to 2lbs on each day of the HCG diet. However, there will definitely be a daily fluctuation during the diet. It is absolutely normal to lose only some measly ounces on some days. The average figure calculated above has been compiled from data taken after the completion of the HCG diet. Thus, the daily rate is bound to fluctuate.

However, do not be discouraged if you lose very little weight on some days. Only remember that at the end of the weight loss program, you are guaranteed to lose weight, if you follow the guidelines faithfully.

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Tips for Phase Three of the HCG Diet

Phase 3 Food

Tips for Phase Three of the HCG Diet

The third phase of the HCG diet is often considered as the most important and significant part of the diet. Phase two was all about losing weight, and phase three is about maintaining the new weight and the slim look you have acquired as a result. This is the stabilizing phase. Here are a few tips that will help you in clarifying exactly what needs to be done to maintain your body weight in phase three of the HCG diet.

First and foremost, you should continue to stay away from sugars and starches. They are the ultimate enemy to your weight loss efforts, and they possess the ability to quickly and rapidly eliminate all the results you have gained from weight loss. One of the safest ways to move smoothly into the third phase of the HCG diet is to continue with the diet from before. However, you need to eat more of it in this phase.

The best foods you can eat during this phase are vegetables and lean proteins. You can consume fruits too. However, you need to take care of which fruits you eat, as some can be very high on sugar content and calories. Bananas are very dense and can easily give you many hundred calories. Grapes, on the other hand, are dripping with sugar. A quick look at the nutritional chart on a package of raisins will prove this. Such fruits should be avoided. To be safe, have apples, grapefruits and oranges if you cannot be sure of other fruits. In addition, do not forget to take vitamin supplements for added nutrition. There are, however, other dangers associated with this part of the diet as well.

As you intake of calories goes up, you should ensure that the main part of it is derived from vegetables rather than fats. While red meat is allowed on the HCG diet, you should have it rarely and with care, as it has more fat than fish or chicken.

More than red meat and chicken, you should opt for fish. It is an excellent nutrition source for this phase of the HCG diet, as it is much less dense than either beef or chicken. Even though fats are present in fish, they are liquid and unsaturated fats, such as the fat in olive oil. They are less likely to accumulate around the body than the red meat’s saturated fat content. However, fish is expensive and it can be dicey to have it three or four times in a week. However, if you know how to shop smart, you can still manage it. You might have to shop around more than usual, and you will need to look through the deals offered by your local grocer so that you can be well informed when white fish is sold at an inexpensive rate. Since it is your weight loss on the line, taking a little pain to find that fish is not completely unreasonable.

You have to remember that you need to increase your caloric intake in the third phase of the HCG diet. You need to know how many calories are essential for you per day. The Internet offers a variety of BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate calculators that you can use to calculate this amount based on your lifestyle. The BMR calculators will basically provide you with the number of calories that you need every day in order to function healthily. As with most online calculators, you will not always get an accurate and proper figure. However, even if you have merely a ball-park number, it can be very helpful in controlling your diet and your calorie intake so that you get good results out of your HCG diet.

Another important tip is to record your weight every day during this phase of the diet. Make sure that you weight fluctuates no more than 2lbs more or less than the weight you recorded at the end of phase two of the diet. As long as you can control what and how much you are eating during this phase of the HCG diet, you will be successful in stabilizing your weight and completing this phase of the diet